Mittwoch, 24. September 2014

Introduction of persons and things involved I - Me!

In my first post I should probably introduce myself.I'm 33 years old, i sell books, studied German language and literature ("Children, please don't try this at home!") and I live in Graz - together with the love of my life, four guinea pigs and an oversized plush hippo named Agathe. English is not my first language, so please bear with me.My passion is to make things myself, which is what I want to blog about here.There are probably not many DIY techniques that I have not tried yet. The following is a small selection of what accumulated over the last years:

Macrame (80s' plant hanging pots, yey!)
Plush Toys (or 3D sewing, as I like to call it - never again!)
Smock (in my opinion pretty much the coolest thing you can do with fabric)
    Tablet weaving
(if you have no idea what this might be, this is the site i got all my knowledge about it from)
Comb weaving
Spinning with a hand spindlethen there are papercrafts and everything non-fabric related:

Mosaic (boooooooooooring)
Painting Furniture white (this was simply necessary, who wants Beech veneer?)
    Building miniature furniture
(gave it up soon due to lack of patience for tiny things )
Pompoming pompoms
Horses and other things (I'm an absolute beginner here, but I will post a picture of  "other things" soon)
Polymer clay things (again 3 dimensions, but i can handle it - not quite as bad as 3D sewing)
Making paper roses
    Making hats

I have always had the greatest respect for people who do one craft for years and make it to a level of perfection that i never will. Like tablet weaving for example. There are a few masters of this art whose skills i will never ever reach (OMG, do i spot a TARDIS ?? !!).It is no exaggeration: every other week i really HAVE to try something completely new. Which means I immediately have to go out to get everything I need for my new craft. Some crafts really fascinate me and become part of my everyday-life, like crocheting. Others don't, and I am satisfied, as soon as I understand how they work - and give them up. Bearing in mind I always try to keep the budget flat :)I was never into basics. Your standard crochet potholders? Yawn! I want to make mini cupcakes or a bath mat in the form of huge granny squares. Patchwork? Ok, cathedral windows would be cool - stop, stop there is even a more complicated version. Well, then I'll do that. - You get the idea.And I intend my blog to be for people like me: People who like to try something new, but are looking for unusual ideas - for people who do not want necessarily want to buy complicated equipment that they may never use again, once they have tried out there new craft. (Ok, I confess, I once bought a Flowerloom device ...)For years I have benefited from all the people who put instructions for the most amazing things online for free. I grew up in a generation that still had to look everything they wanted to learn up from books they sometimes could find in a bookstore ans dometimes couldn't. To me being able to find nearly everything on the internet one click away is truly that is truly one of the greatest things that happened in my life. * Granny mode off*And now, I think, it is time for me to share a few of my works so that they might inspire others.

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