Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

Let's Marry!

There are couples who are together for ages, love one another dearly and can not imagine being with someone else than their chosen partner EVER. Couples of that kind happen to want to marry each other -  to legitimate their status and, most of all, throw a ginormous party for their friends and relatives. This seems to be a pretty normal wish - though one that couldn't be granted to everyone even in central Europa in the 2010s.

But things have changed recently and NOW WE MARRY!!! Or we make our partnership a registered one, as the legal term goes. But nobody wants to say such a bulky word, so: WE MARRY!!

September 19th .2014: Registry office Graz - extremely prosaic ceremony with a somewhat cold and... dead official lady. But nothing to worry about, we have seen hetero-couples in much worse ceremonies and: they survived and had a beautiful wedding day nevertheless.
Plus: Nobody asked us. No, really! No "I will!" necessary. Strange, but no big deal. We signed in the right spot and that was it.
To us it was the real thing, and I guess, you can see in the pictures how happy we were!

Signing at the Grazer Rathaus

Romantic picture
Afterwards we had pictures taken in a romantic location (Graz has a lot of them) and went for some tea and cake at a lovely little restaurant on top of a hill, called "rose hill". It was as lovely as the name suggests.

At the Rosenhügel

The big party took place a week later at a funny rustic "Almhütte" near Graz. For this second occasion we had new dresses, this time, i was in styrian folk costume and the beautiful one was in white.

For our party the following week we chose the motto: "Vintage ans Tracht (= Styrian Folk Costume)". We invited some friends and relatives to a very Styrian bar. We had a whole Almhütte for ourselves (Almhütte is hard to explain but you can get the ideal by looking at the pictures below) and an awesome wedding ceremony.
It was really moving, as we were told afterwards by various guests. I know of at least three people who actually cried.
Everything was just perfect!

The ceremony

We dined like kings (and queens), laughed a lot, had the greatest fun shooting pictures - und asked ourselves at the end of the evening where all the time had gone. Although it must have been hours, the evening seemed like only 20 minutes to me. Must have had something to do with the old saying of how tome flies when you are truly enjoying yourselves.
But we do have a lot of pictures to look at. Lots of laughing faces, happy people wherever you look.

Yes, we would definitely do it again!

So, enought of the emotional stuff. This blog is about DIY.

Lots of the things you need for a successful wedding we made ourselves. Because we had fun doing it. And because we had a budget. Starting with my wedding dress (old curtain from the flea market) there are a lot of things we simply didn't want to buy: invitations, place cards, the foto frame, wedding favours, our guest book, pompoms, the caketopper with two brides who looked just like us.

There are a lot of advantages to making all this stuff yourself: You save an incredible amount of money - but you can get exactly the things you want. I will present some of my wedding DIY projects in my blog. Maybe they inspire other wedding DIYers to have fun creating the most beautiful days of their lives from scratch.

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